Electrical Work
Image by Jacek Dylag
Image by Patrick Tomasso
Key Lock


Replacement of window locks

Replacement of door locks/ digital door locks/ door hinges

Replacement of cabinet locks/ hinges

Replacement of bi-fold door hinges

Repair/Replacement of washing machine drain pipe
Patching of ceiling/wall cracks


Convert to LED bulbs

Replacement of lights

Repair faulty fluorescent lights

Repair lighting wiring

Replacement of wall switches

Addition of new lightings + outlets

Installation of new ceiling fan/lights


Replacement of new taps

Repair all leakages

Clear choked sinks, pipes, drains

Replacement of flush systems

Installation of bidet spray

Replacement/ Repair of exposed pipe
Replacement/ Installation of exposed shower heads


Replacement of DB
Troubleshoot faults
Re-wiring of cables
Installation of instant water heaters
Laying of new LAN cables and points
Replacement of burnt socket
Addition of new extension points
Replacement of faulty heater switch
Replacement of faulty cooker switch
Replacment to outdoor weatherproof switch
Installation of new sockets and switches